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Window Seat!!


I believe that travelling provides an insight into your life. Looking  through the window while travelling  and getting engrossed in thoughts, it’s just normal human behavior. Some of the common things most of the people think while gazing through the window at the world outside are:
1) Observing random people on the way and visualizing what they have gone through in their life.
2) Pondering over the mistakes you have done in your past. You realize that the things that troubled you a few years ago, don’t even matter now. You can feel much more mature after experiencing those situations.
3) You may think about something you shouldn’t have said out of anger. Also, there are some moments when we need to speak up but we hold back and  regret it later.
4) Thinking about how your life will be after a few years.
5) In the end, you think that why you are thinking too much? Is there someone else too who thinks like you?