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Dreams about Snakes!


The moment we hear the word Snake, feelings like fear, nervousness and anxiety spring to our mind. Dreams about snakes are common among children and young people. Seeing a snake in your dream signals you about the upcoming problems in your life. There may be some hidden threats that you are overlooking. It also symbolizes any treacherous person in your life who is constantly trying to harm you but has not caught your attention yet. There is also a sexual aspect related to snake dreams which depicts your unfulfilled sexual desires.
Snake changing skin– To dream of a snake changing skin indicates forthcoming changes in your life. These changes may be related to your career, your personal relationships or recovery from any health problem.
Snake in your bed– Snake in your bed indicates fears related to sex, commitment and intimacy.
Bitten by a snake– To see yourself being bitten by a snake warns you about the possible threats or problems in your life. Seeing someone else being bitten by a snake indicates that someone close to you can face such problems.
Snake dancing– Seeing a snake dancing in your dream has a positive aspect. It shows you some opportunity to move towards change. You need to be more flexible because you have no idea how great this transformation can turn out to be.
Snake with more than one head– If you see a snake with two or more heads, it depicts your state of confusion in case of any problem. You may be pulled in different directions in order to find the solution to your problem.
Eating a snake– To see yourself eating a snake depicts you are demanding fulfillment of sexual desires and you are visualizing too much about that.
A dead snake– To see a dead snake in your dream symbolizes the end of any problem or threat.

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