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Its a Break-UP not a Break-DOWN!!


Losing a person whom you think was your life is the most tormenting feeling ever. But a break up should not be able to break you down. It is meant to bring those things that were missing in your life. Push yourself to new heights and make yourself a better person so that no one dares to reject you. Stop cursing the one who hurt you, stop thinking they are doing wrong, stop forcing them to stay in your life. Let them do what makes them happy and you find something that makes you happy. Forgive those who have hurt you, it will give you immense peace.

Feeling suicidal at such a time is quite common. Try to perceive that this situation is just a temporary reason of your sadness, but don’t let it result into a permanent destruction by ending up your life. Take time to think before taking a step which can’t be undone.

You need to understand that it is just an end of a relationship, a relationship which was not giving the desired happiness to you. And for anything that sucks the happiness out of you needs to be set free. You have to find reasons to be happy no matter how small they are.  It may be the early morning hot tea served to you by your mom, or your favourite song playing on the radio that makes your day. You may have lots of beautiful memories associated with your relation that are making you feel nostalgic all the time. Just thank God for giving those memories to you and you will be rewarded with some more. Show gratitude for every single thing that is going according to your wish and leave the rest. You have a loving family, a couple of friends who support you and lots of surprises that life has planned for you. Think about the positive outcomes of this relationship failure. You can travel the world if you were feeling restricted earlier. You can study whatever interests you the most if you had lack of time earlier. Learn how to play piano, bring a new pet in your house, play tennis, work for an orphanage, enrol yourself for salsa classes, and just try to keep yourself busy.  

Do something to make someone smile daily. Try to love the new you. Have faith in God’s plans and keep on spreading smiles because they will come back to you. 🙂