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Dreams about Water..

glass sphere on waterSeeing water in your dream symbolizes your emotional aspect. It can mean emotional breakdown, turmoil, fears or anxiety. On the contrary, it may also indicate revitalization, refreshment or emotional healing depending on the dream and your state of mind in that dream.

  • Dirty or muddy water: If you see dirty or muddy water in your dream, it shows that your mind is engrossed by negative emotions. You need to cleanse your mind and break through negativity.
  • Calm and clear water: This shows harmony and peace in your relationships as well as your emotions.
  • Boiling water: To see boiling water in a dream represents the emotional turmoil steaming inside you. You need to unleash the stress and take a breather.
  • Floods or Tsunami: If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, you see yourself drowning or getting carried away by floods. Your emotions are out of your control and you are feeling restless about it.
  • Walking or Surfing on water: To see yourself surfing or walking on water represents your control over your emotions. It also symbolizes power, self-constraint and willpower.
  •  Hearing the sound of flowing water: If you hear the sound of running water, you are reflecting your emotions really well. It depicts awareness, meditation and understanding.
  • Waterfalls or Fountains: Seeing waterfalls or fountains in your dream represent rejuvenation and revitalization. You are ready to let go off negative feelings and going to start afresh.
  • Rivers: Rivers represent your state of mind through your journey of life. If it is flowing smoothly, it represents you are overcoming your negative emotions and going ahead effortlessly. But if it is flooding, it depicts your lack of control and turbulent emotions.
  • Diving in water: Diving represents self-exploration. You are trying to explore your thoughts, your mistakes, your weaknesses, etc.
  • Swimming: If you are swimming in your dream, you are looking out for ways and means of relaxation. You may have gone through a rough phase recently and now you want to relax and rejuvenate.

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