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Dreams about Snakes!


The moment we hear the word Snake, feelings like fear, nervousness and anxiety spring to our mind. Dreams about snakes are common among children and young people. Seeing a snake in your dream signals you about the upcoming problems in your life. There may be some hidden threats that you are overlooking. It also symbolizes any treacherous person in your life who is constantly trying to harm you but has not caught your attention yet. There is also a sexual aspect related to snake dreams which depicts your unfulfilled sexual desires.
Snake changing skin– To dream of a snake changing skin indicates forthcoming changes in your life. These changes may be related to your career, your personal relationships or recovery from any health problem.
Snake in your bed– Snake in your bed indicates fears related to sex, commitment and intimacy.
Bitten by a snake– To see yourself being bitten by a snake warns you about the possible threats or problems in your life. Seeing someone else being bitten by a snake indicates that someone close to you can face such problems.
Snake dancing– Seeing a snake dancing in your dream has a positive aspect. It shows you some opportunity to move towards change. You need to be more flexible because you have no idea how great this transformation can turn out to be.
Snake with more than one head– If you see a snake with two or more heads, it depicts your state of confusion in case of any problem. You may be pulled in different directions in order to find the solution to your problem.
Eating a snake– To see yourself eating a snake depicts you are demanding fulfillment of sexual desires and you are visualizing too much about that.
A dead snake– To see a dead snake in your dream symbolizes the end of any problem or threat.

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Dreams about Flying..


Flying in dreams is really a common phenomenon. It represents a sense of freedom, success or getting out of a difficult situation in waking life. It also depicts release of tensions related to your career or your personal life. It may be possible you were feeling restricted for a long time and now is the time to relax and rejuvenate. If you are feeling excited while flying and enjoying the view from the top, it means you have successfully escaped a difficult situation in real life and you are feeling relieved about that. It may be possible that you have left a terrible job recently or you got out of a relationship failure. If you are facing too many obstacles while flying, like bad weather conditions or the hurdles in your path, it means you may get discouraged if you are lacking power to control the situations but you have to fight your problems fearlessly.
Flying just above the ground– It means you are handling your day-to-day really easily and everything is going on smoothly.
Flying backwards–  It represents that you are feeling nostalgic and you want to go back and relive your old days that were filled with happiness.
Flying with someone– If you see yourself accompanied by someone while flying, it means that you need that person in order to come out of any difficult situation going on in your life or someone is supporting you to overcome difficult circumstances.
Flying with wings– Wings depict a sense of protectiveness. You may seem confident enough to handle your problems and can tackle every difficult situation with an ease.

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Hate your job? Quit now


If you don’t like your job, QUIT!! If you don’t, you will be working for someone to make his dream a reality instead of living yours. I have seen people working and cursing their job at the same time. I was also one of them at some point of life. Just because you have already wasted a lot of time in that field doesn’t mean that you have to waste your rest of life too. What is the use of earning money if it’s not giving the happiness to you? Just take time to explore yourself, find out what you love doing and go for it! Don’t think whether you will be successful in it or not. But if you don’t give it a try, you are going to regret it for your whole life. Fear of failure is the biggest fear that people suffer from. They forget about the satisfaction they could get if they overcome that fear.

When I quit my job, people used to ask me, “What do you want to be?”

I smiled and said,” I just want to be HAPPY!”

And now I have realized that spending late night hours in office, listening to a person whom you curse at his back, staying away from your loved ones to show you are really working hard; all these things couldn’t help me in achieving what I wanted to. The reason why not many people are able to take such a bold step is that they don’t want to come out of their comfort zone. They are not satisfied with what they are doing but still they are not making efforts to make their dreams come true. I always believe that dreaming is not enough, if you want to make them come true you have to wake up!

You may face difficulties initially. There will be a bunch of options before you. You just have to choose what interests you the most. You may see your friends or colleagues making a progress in their field when you are still struggling in a new field. That is perfectly fine; they will be still stuck at hating their job while you will laugh at them one day.

So take risks and accomplish your dreams, because “When we stop taking risks, we stop living life!!”