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Gratitude is Bliss..

Think about the time when you were short of money and you were praying to God for more. But did you thank God when you had enough money to pay your bills, buy your grocery stuff and new clothes for your birthday? Think about the time when you were frantically searching for a job and praying to God to make your plans work. But did you thank God when you completed your graduation successfully? Think about the time when you were praying to God for a rendezvous with your life partner. But did you thank God when your parents were taking care of you since the day you were born?
We forget thanking God when everything is going off without a hitch rather we complain that life seems so monotonous. But when we encounter difficulties, we get restless and start praying to God that everything falls into place. If we have thanked God in the first place, then we wouldn’t have come across such situations. Gratitude is not a one-time activity; it should be inculcated as a habit. If you want to practice gratitude, you can follow some steps-
1) Start your day with thanking God the moment you wake up. Firstly, thank Him that you are alive and feeling fresh. Say thanks for a good sleep. Say thanks for blessing you with a new day which can bring a lot of surprises for you.
2) When you see the sun shining, say thanks for the dazzling sunshine. Say thanks for the birds that are chirping to make you feel the freshness of the morning. Thank your mom for serving you breakfast and tea.
3) Before you have the first meal of the day, think about the various people who were involved in the process of delivering the meal to you, the farmers that sowed and reaped the crops, and the people who transferred it to stores, your mom who cooked it for you. While you eat, feel the energy it is giving to your body and the taste which is blending in your mouth. So whenever you eat or drink something, thank God for the nourishment it is providing you.
4) Think about all your body parts that are functioning properly. Your eyes that enable you to see the world and behold its beauty, your nose which makes you smell the earth after the rain, your legs that help you walk and dance, your ears that can listen to a soothing piece of music, your arms and hands that help you hug people, your heart that feels emotions, your fully functioning organs, sense of touch, almost everything in your body that makes you feel alive and healthy.
5) Whenever you are paying any bills or receiving your pay checks, say thanks for the money you are spending or receiving. Feel yourself luckier than any other person who cannot afford that.
6) While walking down the street, if you see poor people begging or sitting on the walkaway, say thanks to God for your wonderful home, a comfortable bed and for all the gadgets that are making your life easier.
7) If you are facing problems and complaining to your family or friends about those, firstly thank God for bestowing you with such people to share your feelings.
8) You should say thanks for the means of transport that help you to reach office and also make you travel around the world.
9) Instead of complaining about your job, think about the opportunities it is offering you to spring up. There are people who are jobless and badly need a job. Say thanks for whatever you have got.
10) Before going to sleep, think about the best thing that happened to you during the day and thank God for that thing.

Always remember, whenever you thank God for whatever you have got, you will be rewarded with more. Your every complaint will invite circumstances which will make you complain more. So, try to diffuse gratitude into your nerves and each and every cell of your body and be ready to witness wonders.


Its a Break-UP not a Break-DOWN!!


Losing a person whom you think was your life is the most tormenting feeling ever. But a break up should not be able to break you down. It is meant to bring those things that were missing in your life. Push yourself to new heights and make yourself a better person so that no one dares to reject you. Stop cursing the one who hurt you, stop thinking they are doing wrong, stop forcing them to stay in your life. Let them do what makes them happy and you find something that makes you happy. Forgive those who have hurt you, it will give you immense peace.

Feeling suicidal at such a time is quite common. Try to perceive that this situation is just a temporary reason of your sadness, but don’t let it result into a permanent destruction by ending up your life. Take time to think before taking a step which can’t be undone.

You need to understand that it is just an end of a relationship, a relationship which was not giving the desired happiness to you. And for anything that sucks the happiness out of you needs to be set free. You have to find reasons to be happy no matter how small they are.  It may be the early morning hot tea served to you by your mom, or your favourite song playing on the radio that makes your day. You may have lots of beautiful memories associated with your relation that are making you feel nostalgic all the time. Just thank God for giving those memories to you and you will be rewarded with some more. Show gratitude for every single thing that is going according to your wish and leave the rest. You have a loving family, a couple of friends who support you and lots of surprises that life has planned for you. Think about the positive outcomes of this relationship failure. You can travel the world if you were feeling restricted earlier. You can study whatever interests you the most if you had lack of time earlier. Learn how to play piano, bring a new pet in your house, play tennis, work for an orphanage, enrol yourself for salsa classes, and just try to keep yourself busy.  

Do something to make someone smile daily. Try to love the new you. Have faith in God’s plans and keep on spreading smiles because they will come back to you. 🙂

Hate your job? Quit now


If you don’t like your job, QUIT!! If you don’t, you will be working for someone to make his dream a reality instead of living yours. I have seen people working and cursing their job at the same time. I was also one of them at some point of life. Just because you have already wasted a lot of time in that field doesn’t mean that you have to waste your rest of life too. What is the use of earning money if it’s not giving the happiness to you? Just take time to explore yourself, find out what you love doing and go for it! Don’t think whether you will be successful in it or not. But if you don’t give it a try, you are going to regret it for your whole life. Fear of failure is the biggest fear that people suffer from. They forget about the satisfaction they could get if they overcome that fear.

When I quit my job, people used to ask me, “What do you want to be?”

I smiled and said,” I just want to be HAPPY!”

And now I have realized that spending late night hours in office, listening to a person whom you curse at his back, staying away from your loved ones to show you are really working hard; all these things couldn’t help me in achieving what I wanted to. The reason why not many people are able to take such a bold step is that they don’t want to come out of their comfort zone. They are not satisfied with what they are doing but still they are not making efforts to make their dreams come true. I always believe that dreaming is not enough, if you want to make them come true you have to wake up!

You may face difficulties initially. There will be a bunch of options before you. You just have to choose what interests you the most. You may see your friends or colleagues making a progress in their field when you are still struggling in a new field. That is perfectly fine; they will be still stuck at hating their job while you will laugh at them one day.

So take risks and accomplish your dreams, because “When we stop taking risks, we stop living life!!”