Dreams about Babies..


Dreams about babies symbolize creation of new ideas, plans and beginnings. You may be aware of those plans in the real life or not, that depends on whether you recognize the baby. If you can recall that baby, it means the plan is already in your mind but you haven’t executed it yet. If the baby is not familiar to you, it means you need to concentrate on your thoughts more carefully. If you are holding your own baby, it represents that you are the one who is the creator of that plan. On the contrary, if the baby belongs to someone else, it means you are being influenced by someone or something you have read or seen in a movie. Apart from this, women who are pregnant in real life are also likely to see such dreams.

  • Smiling baby– To see a smiling baby in your dream shows that you are grateful for what you have got in your life and you do not ask for more.
  • Crying baby– If you see a crying baby in your dream, it means that you are lacking attention and care in your real life. You may not be able to achieve you ambitions and feeling helpless about that.
  • Dancing baby– A dream about a dancing baby symbolizes some upcoming opportunities that are knocking on your door. You should be brave enough to take the leap and progress towards your goals.
  • Starving baby– If you see a starving baby, it means you are being dependent on others for your happiness. It indicates your need to be nurtured and cared for.
  • Giving birth to a baby– To see yourself giving birth to a baby represents that you are giving birth to a new idea or plan.
  • Sleeping baby– A sleeping baby signifies your right decisions. You are feeling carefree, confident and moving in the right direction in order to fulfil your dreams.
  • Killing a baby– If you are killing a baby in your dream, it means you are revoking some plan. You may have found alternative options for a problem or gave up on your goals recently.
  • Dead baby– Dreaming about a dead baby indicates that you have overcome some attribute that was holding you back. It marks an end to a certain feeling or belief.

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