Dreams about Flying..


Flying in dreams is really a common phenomenon. It represents a sense of freedom, success or getting out of a difficult situation in waking life. It also depicts release of tensions related to your career or your personal life. It may be possible you were feeling restricted for a long time and now is the time to relax and rejuvenate. If you are feeling excited while flying and enjoying the view from the top, it means you have successfully escaped a difficult situation in real life and you are feeling relieved about that. It may be possible that you have left a terrible job recently or you got out of a relationship failure. If you are facing too many obstacles while flying, like bad weather conditions or the hurdles in your path, it means you may get discouraged if you are lacking power to control the situations but you have to fight your problems fearlessly.
Flying just above the ground– It means you are handling your day-to-day really easily and everything is going on smoothly.
Flying backwards–  It represents that you are feeling nostalgic and you want to go back and relive your old days that were filled with happiness.
Flying with someone– If you see yourself accompanied by someone while flying, it means that you need that person in order to come out of any difficult situation going on in your life or someone is supporting you to overcome difficult circumstances.
Flying with wings– Wings depict a sense of protectiveness. You may seem confident enough to handle your problems and can tackle every difficult situation with an ease.

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